Vision & Mission


The main vision is to create a sustainable global company by optimizing and integrating existing global commodity resources, taking into account technological and environmental factors.


Our most important mission is to respond to the needs of tomorrow, not today, by observing rapidly depleting resources and changing needs, and to contribute to all companies and societies that we are stakeholders or business partners.

Fuel Oil and Fossil Fuels

It is engaged in retail and automation sales with the distributorships of Türkiye's leading distribution companies.


In the Central Anatolia region of our country, agricultural products for the country's needs are produced on nearly 500 acres of land.


By monitoring global commodity needs, the Company invests in start-up strategic mining companies and waits for the necessary permitting and exploration processes to be completed in order to start mining activities in Türkiye for industrial raw materials.

Renewable Energy

Ykd Enerji, which is actively engaged in hydroelectric and solar power plants in our country, has also applied for an energy storage license and will start production activities.



Address: Sogutozu Mahallesi Sogutozu Caddesi No:2A/4

E-Mail: [email protected]

Phone: +90 (312) 543 65 63